"Just a short note to convey our gratitude to you for your most thoughtful and explanatory letters of May 3rd and 15th, and all accompanying documents.  We do wish to thank you for all your help and understanding given to us in recent years, and assure you of our appreciation of all your consideration extended to us by you and other capable, courteous C.F.S. staff."

“With retirement on our minds, we first consulted Canterbury Financial Services in 2000 when looking for a financial planner to work with us in planning a savings and investment strategy for our retirement. Now retired, we know it was a good move as over the years we have developed a mutual working relationship with Mark and his team and have full confidence in them managing our investments, whilst we get on with enjoying our retirement.”

“I have been a client of Canterbury Financial Services for 10 years. Mark O’Donnell has been a first rate advisor producing excellent results. In times of personal difficulty such as when I had an accident and my daughters approached him while I was incapacitated, he sprung into action and sorted out our affairs very promptly. The office staff are very approachable and all enquiries are handled efficiently and in a timely manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone looking for an efficient and ethical Advisor.”

“Both my husband and I are extremely grateful to the team at Canterbury Financial Services for the wonderful support after his Heart Attack. We had a trauma Policy for 30 years and I questioned regularly why we were paying so much money out for what felt like nothing. In hindsight, it was worth it. Canterbury Financial helped me put in a claim for 2 events – heart attack and resulting angioplasty which were both covered under our Trauma policy. Our claim for the angioplasty was accepted and paid out.

The company acknowledged the heart attack and didn’t pay out until we questioned it. With the amazing support from Julie and Mark, we went back to the company and challenged it, with very positive results. (Medicine and technology changes a lot very quickly over 30 years). We are also happy that the insurance company involved listened to both us and the Specialists looking after my husband and agreed to our claim. I am grateful to the team from Canterbury Financial Services for all their amazing support through an extremely tough time in our lives.”

“Since moving from the North Island approximately thirteen years ago we have been customers of Canterbury Financial Services and have every wish to continue with their services. We have always found all staff to be friendly and welcoming , also straight forward with their advice pertaining to our investments in a caring manner and keeping us up to date with the latest information in the financial world.

They have always been prompt in helping with any queries we may have about new investments and how to go about getting the most effective returns and we would have no hesitation in recommending Canterbury Financial Services to new investors.”

Our family has had a long standing relationship with Mark O’Donnell and Canterbury Financial Services. We consider their ongoing advice regarding the most appropriate insurance package for our family and business to be comprehensive, informed and respectful. The CFS staff are friendly and easy to talk to (especially Julie) which makes the sometimes difficult to understand insurance process smoother. We have confidence in their management and support.“

My husband and I contacted Canterbury Financial Services, upon recommendation of friends, to secure our UK pensions and transfer them to NZ. We had only limited documentation for CFS to work with but this didn’t phase them and they got to work straight away. It was quite a complicated transfer dealing with multiple agencies in the UK but for us it was pain free, just requiring signatures from time to time. We now feel safe and secure for our future retirement here in NZ. Thank you Canterbury Financial Services.”

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Previously she had been the person who dealt with all the accounts, insurance and legal matters. Canterbury Financial Services made it really easy for us to make insurance claims, and were very personal, supportive and helpful at such a stressful time. They talked us through the paperwork, told us exactly what information we needed to complete the claims and were always there at the end of the phone to answer any questions. This allowed us as a family to focus on Mum and her treatment and have full confidence in Canterbury Financial Services working on our behalf for the best possible outcomes. “

”We have known Mark for many years, even back to our junior days of playing rugby together! We have always found Mark to be very professional, helpful and good at communicating ideas across to us. Further to that we would like to say we are very happy with the service we’ve received from Mark and the team at Canterbury Financial Services.“

We have been clients of Mark O’Donnell’s for many years now. Mark has provided us with excellent advice, and has been active in keeping our insurance cover up to date with our changing needs and growing family. During one of our first meetings, he stressed the importance of insuring our income – as we are self employed, we are the sole providers of income to our family. We took out an Income Protection policy ‘just in case’ anything were to happen to us. Anthony suddenly fell ill, and battled for two years with his health before he had to have a major operation. He has been unable to work fully, and for many months on and off not at all, as he was in and out of hospital several times. I made one phone call to Julie to explain, she immediately provided me with claim forms and the information we needed to put the policy benefits in place and has been supportive ever since.

Had we not had this cover, I don’t know how we would have coped. The monthly payments have eased the worry for us both during what has been an intensely stressful time, leaving time for us to concentrate on Anthony’s recovery and supporting our family. I cannot recommend CFS and Mark highly enough. In our situation ‘just in case’ turned out to be ‘thank goodness for that’. You never know when life might throw you a curve ball, but being prepared lets you make the catch instead of missing it.”

“Mark O’Donnell has worked with us over the last 10 years to grow our investment portfolio. Mark and his office have been extremely helpful in giving us guidance, feedback and investment opportunities. Mark has the ability through a partner company ‘Grosvenor’ to give good sound advice on unit funds. We welcome the fact that this advice is given from a methodical researched viewpoint.

We have found the advice and work from Canterbury Financial Services friendly, helpful and diligent. It is always good to be able to sit down and have a frank discussion about general financial matters and our own specific investments.”

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