Our Vision

Our VisionWe pride ourselves on providing value to our clients – to make their lives easy when dealing with financial decisions through personalised communications with advice designed to deliver on their required goals and objectives.

Our Mission

Our MissionOur mission is to put our clients first and provide objective tailored solutions and unbiased financial advice, together with professional services that exceed our client’s reasonable expectations.

Canterbury Financial Services (2005) Limited (CFS) is very service and quality focussed and prides itself on the Company Values that we stand by. We focus on our clients achieving independent wealth, within a managed level of risk appropriate to themselves – while ensuring along the path, should any disaster happen such as medical, trauma, disability, either permanent or temporary, impact on their ability to earn an income and therefore meet their objectives, prior to financial independence, can be achieved even in the event of death.

The financial markets have awarded our adviser and service managers authority to act in your best interests under our agreed investment proposal and we take pride in building “one on one” interpersonal relationships with our clients over the years, grounded in trust and confidence. 

CFS is also proud to have obtained its Discretionary Investment Management Licence FSP 29382 which means that the Financial Markets Authority has awarded CSF the authority to act under a higher level of supervision in regard to its operations.  Accordingly, CFS can act appropriately and effectively under the terms of the agreed investment proposal to make changes to clients’ investments deemed to be in the best interests of capital preservation and risk management.

We use preferred Insurance Company suppliers with names such as AMP, Fidelity Life, Sovereign, Nib (previously Tower), Southern Cross, etc. for Risk Management, while accumulation for retirement and enhancement is carried out through investment-grade Investments and our investment research and platform providers in AMP Financial Services (WealthView), Booster and OneAnswer (owned by ANZ).

For Personal Insurance and Health Insurance, research is done through Iress and Strategy. We like two independent researchers in each sector to give us a broader spectrum and consensus of views.

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